• For Pixar's hit movie Turning Red, I helped Disney take over Times Square with this huge roadblock event.
    I'm a huge fan of Courtney Barnett, so it was a thrill to produce this music video for Harriet the Spy.
    I worked with Paramount to bring this hybrid adventure to life!
    Sometimes the inspiration for a spot is right behind you.
    A moment of silence for the show that never was.
    It was a thrill to partner with TBS Brand Creative for this behind-the-scenes conversation with Method Man.
    The TBS Brand Creative team called with a dream challenge: tease the upcoming reboot of 70's hit gameshow Joker's Wild hosted by Snoop Dogg. We partnered with the Turner Design Studio to pay homage to the game's slot-machine motif.
    This spot started as a thought experiment: How would legendary title-designer Saul Bass promote the return of The X-Files? Drawing on the superb animation from SuperEstudio, this on-air and social campaign eventually spawned a line of T-Shirts and Art Prints, sold in the Fox Studio Store.
    With a focus on coiled family tensions, explosive music and slick production design, this campaign launched Empire to Fox’s highest-rated debut in 3 years.
    This upfront open eschews copy for emotion and spectacle, and launched the event that generated $1.6bn in ad commitments with an average 3% price increase over the prior year.
    Developed during a time of transition at the network, this reel settled nervous advertisers and launched a highly successful Upfront season.
    Legendary DC cover illustrator, Jock, created the 3 new paintings featured in this spot. Within an hour of Tweeting, it had been picked up by every major comic fan site.
    For Gotham to be a hit, we needed fans to fall in love with the characters. This character spot is a meditation on Gotham from everyone’s favorite feline voyeur. This campaign generated the highest Intent-to-View numbers for any show on any network the season it launched.
    Bad boys. Fancy boys. I LOVE graphic spots.
    I partnered with Sibling Rivalry to create this mediation on the warrior spirit.
    UFC President Dana White's ad-lib Braveheart speech is illustrated here with a color story that builds from monochrome to hyper-saturated, giving a visceral sense of building adrenaline.
    To introduce Americans to this Japanese import, Christopher “Kid” Reid (Kid ‘n’ Play) voiced an original spoken word poem written by me. Part of the campaign that made Ninja Warrior the top-rated show on G4.


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