I wrote and directed this short film in between cancer treatments. An independent young woman tries to come out to her religious grandfather before he dies.
I wrote and directed this recruitment video for Louisville High School.
To engage fight fans on social media, we profiled the most impressive fighters in short featurettes. This piece was shot in and around Las Vegas over 36-hours, and launched Jessica to “Fan-Favorite” status. Directed by me and Lance Larson.
Another fan-favorite, Chris Beal, fought his way into fans' hearts. Directed by me and shot in South Los Angeles and Ventura, this featurette was featured on-air, online and on social media.
In the early days of the pandemic, my family made this short pilot.
Directed by me and Liza Lang, this video promoted Kristin Garth's digital chapbook of poems and photography, Sock Slut.
Developed for Pop TV, this stop-motion promo features all hand-made original artwork. Directed by me and Jedd Scher.
Developed for Pop TV, this ID was shot in my home studio with a minuscule budget. Directed by Alex Lang and Jedd Scher.
Wonder and magic are everywhere, if you know how to look. Directed by me and Poppy Lang.
Creating a cohesive campaign out of visually disparate titles like Big Bang Theory, Family Guy and Conan is a challenge. One solution: create a new look for all 3 shows. Directed by me and Lou Peterson.



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